Series: The Suffering of the Servant
March 4th, Midweek Lent #1 – Isaiah 42:1-4, “The Job Interview”
March 11th, Midweek Lent #2 – Isaiah 49:1-6, “A Different Kind of Blade”
March 18th, Midweek Lent #3 – Isaiah 50:4-7, “Into the Breach”
March 25th, The Annunciation of Our Lord (Divine Service with Communion)
April 1st, Midweek Lent #5 – Isaiah 52:13-53:12, “The Suffering of the Servant”
All services at 5:30
Holy Week:
April 5th, The Sunday of the Passion (Rite of Confirmation)
April 9th, Maundy Thursday – 6 p.m.
April 10th, Good Friday – 6 p.m.
April 12th, The Resurrection of Our Lord – 7:30, 10:30 (Divine Service with Communion)