Tough Topics

This is a monthly series that focuses on issues and topics that are often not fully covered in sermons and even studies. This study focuses on what God’s Word says about a topic and what our response is to be as faithful Christians. The recordings below are a distillation of what was shared in the in-person class on Sunday. There is a handout to download as well.

Tough Topics: A Rethinking of Dating for the Christian in the 21st Century
Tough Topics: Ghosts, Demons, and Evil Spirits
Tough Topics: Marriage and Divorce
Tough Topics: Homosexuality and Same-Sex Attraction
Tough Topics: Unequally Yoked to an Unbeliever

The 66 in 66

Over the course of the next year, we will have a different book of the bible featured in the sermon. Below are some audio postcards that give a little more background and history. We will post a new one every time we cover a book.

The 66 in 66: 1 Thessalonians
The 66 in 66: Joshua
The 66 in 66: Obadiah
The 66 in 66: 2 Thessalonians
The 66 in 66: Nahum
The 66 in 66: Habakkuk

Bible Study: How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth
This is an in-depth study on what is the Bible, how it came to be and how we might read it faithfully, applying it to our lives. Questions of the canon, the history of its composition, and responding to issues of criticism will be discussed. As well, a program for reading the Scriptures will be modeled and suggested, that God’s people would learn to read, mark and inwardly digest all that God has to say.

Session Fifteen: Reading the Psalms as Journey
Bonus Session! Putting It into Practice: Genesis 3:20-4:16
Session Fourteen: Scripture Interprets Scripture
Session Thirteen: Bible Translations
Session Twelve: Modelling an Approach for Family/at Home Devotion
Session Eleven: Reading Devotionally at Home
Sessions Nine and Ten: Issues of the Canon, Part Three
Session Eight: Issues of the Canon, Part Two
Session Seven: Issues of the Canon, Part One
Session Six: The Role of Creeds in Reading the Scriptures
Session Five: The Oral and Aural Quality of Reading
Session Four: The Human Character of the Bible, Part Two
Session Three: The Human Character of the Bible, Part One
Session Two: The Divine Nature of the Bible
Session One: What is the Bible?

Bible Class: the Resurrection Accounts in the Bible
This is a five part look at the four Gospel accounts and a final look at the chronology and possible sequence in how they all fit together. Pastor Heaton will discuss the significance of the text, and how God uses a four-fold narrative to give the full picture of the resurrection.

Part One: The Introduction and St. Matthew
Part Two: The Tradition of the Resurrection and St. Luke
Part Three: The Resurrection of Jesus in St. John, Part 1
Part Four: The Resurrection of Jesus in St. John, Part 2
Part Five: The Resurrection of Jesus: The Ending of the Gospel of St. Mark
Part Six: The Resurrection of Jesus in St. Mark
Part Seven: The Resurrection of Jesus–the Chronology