Bible Study: How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth
This is an in-depth study on what is the Bible, how it came to be and how we might read it faithfully, applying it to our lives. Questions of the canon, the history of its composition, and responding to issues of criticism will be discussed. As well, a program for reading the Scriptures will be modeled and suggested, that God’s people would learn to read, mark and inwardly digest all that God has to say.

Session Fifteen: Reading the Psalms as Journey
Bonus Session! Putting It into Practice: Genesis 3:20-4:16
Session Fourteen: Scripture Interprets Scripture
Session Thirteen: Bible Translations
Session Twelve: Modelling an Approach for Family/at Home Devotion
Session Eleven: Reading Devotionally at Home
Sessions Nine and Ten: Issues of the Canon, Part Three
Session Eight: Issues of the Canon, Part Two
Session Seven: Issues of the Canon, Part One
Session Six: The Role of Creeds in Reading the Scriptures
Session Five: The Oral and Aural Quality of Reading
Session Four: The Human Character of the Bible, Part Two
Session Three: The Human Character of the Bible, Part One
Session Two: The Divine Nature of the Bible
Session One: What is the Bible?

Bible Class: the Resurrection Accounts in the Bible
This is a five part look at the four Gospel accounts and a final look at the chronology and possible sequence in how they all fit together. Pastor Heaton will discuss the significance of the text, and how God uses a four-fold narrative to give the full picture of the resurrection.

Part One: The Introduction and St. Matthew
Part Two: The Tradition of the Resurrection and St. Luke
Part Three: The Resurrection of Jesus in St. John, Part 1
Part Four: The Resurrection of Jesus in St. John, Part 2
Part Five: The Resurrection of Jesus: The Ending of the Gospel of St. Mark
Part Six: The Resurrection of Jesus in St. Mark
Part Seven: The Resurrection of Jesus–the Chronology

Bible Class: The Passion According to St. Matthew
This is a multi-part look at the passion account starting with Matthew 26 through the death of Jesus in 27:50. Walk this week with Pastor Heaton through this rich text and meditate on all that occurred in the passion and death of Christ.

Part One: Matthew 26:1-5
Part Two: Matthew 26:6-15
Part Three: Matthew 26: 16-29
Part Four: Matthew 26: 30-46
Part Five: Matthew 26: 47-56
Part Six: Matthew 26: 57-75
Part Seven: Matthew 27:1-26
Part Eight: Matthew 27: 27-56

Bible ClassMan and Woman in Christ
This is a 14 week study discussing roles of men and women in creation, particularly in marriage. This study is foundational and proceeds from a study of God’s Word revealed in Genesis, as well as the New Testament. From there, we will discuss many of the issues of the day related to the sexes. Sunday Mornings, 9:15-10:15, Fellowship Hall.

Excursus: The Seven Signs in John’s Gospel
Week Twelve: The Argument Against Women’s Ordination in View of the the Order of Creation
Week Eleven: NT Case Studies in the Created Order in the Church
Week Ten: Women’s Roles in the Ministry of Christ and the 1st Century Church
Week Nine: Order of Creation in the Married Life and Society, Part One
Week Eight: Ephesians 5, Part Two and The “S” Word Continued
Week Seven: God’s Marriage Covenant and Ephesians 5, Part One
Week Six: The Biblical Portrait of Marriage and Cultural Views of Marriage
Week Five: Genesis 3 and the Fall, and the Battle of the Sexes
Week Four: Genesis 2, 1 Corinthians 11, and the Order of Creation
Week Three: Genesis 2 and the Creation of the Creature (Part 2)
Week Two: Genesis 1 The Image of God and the Creation of the Creature (Part 1)
Week One: First Things; Natural Law and God’s Law