Proclaiming the love of Christ to all people through God’s Word and Sacrament.

Worship Time
Sunday at 10:30 a.m.
Holy Communion
Every Sunday
Bible Study & Catechesis
Ages 5 – Adult at 9:30 a.m.

Dear St. Paul’s Family,

Effective on December 1st, a mask ordinance goes into effect for the city of Fulton. We will abide by this, the exceptions being those who have health conditions preventing the wearing of a mask. We also worship using the necessary accommodations. Families are encouraged to sit at least a pew apart; hymnals are sterilized and disinfected after use; there is no shaking of hands; we refrain from touching common surfaces. The distribution of the Supper is by households or family groups. We do these things for the love of our neighbor and to assuage any conscience reticent about gathering in public. What hasn’t changed is the proclamation of Christ and the worship of our Lord. The Sacrament is distributed. The Word is preached and heard. We sing our praises to God. We rejoice in all the God has done for us!

If you have any challenges with meeting for corporate worship, please contact me. I am happy to address any concerns. I am here to serve you!

May God strengthen and sustain you in the Holy Spirit through the blessed Word as we worship as a congregation and finally in the Church Triumphant!

In Christ,
Pastor Heaton

Updated 11/29/20

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